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Department of Pathology and Microbiology

Name of Institution : E.B.Gadkari Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital,Gadhinglaj, Dist.Kolhapur .
Place : Post Box. No.10, Neora Campus, Sankeshwar Road, Gadhinglaj, Dist-Kolhapur, Maharashtra State, pin. 416 502.
Name of Affiliating University : Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik.
Name of the H.O.D. of Deptt. : Dr.M.M.Patil
Curriculum Of Studies
Curriculum in the subject prescribed by the University (In view of C.C.H. Regulations) Yes, Curriculum in the subject as prescribed in the syllabus by the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik.
Is the above curriculum followed properly Yes
List Of The Supporting Laboratory Staff
A Lab. Assistant 01
B Lab. Attendant 01
C Peon 01
Give the various sub-section in the Departments like morbid anatomy
bacteriology, clinical pathology and virology
etc. :
The Common arrangements are done
Is the teaching staff rotated in these sections and if so up to what level :


Accommodation Details
Optimum space is provided to accommodate more than 50 students at a time in the laboratory with sufficient light and ventilation.
The layout of lab is enclosed (Including rooms for Professor & other Teaching Faculty)
Demonstration Rooms : Common arrangements are made available
Seating capacity : 50 Students
Audio-Visual Aids/Materials : Common arrangements are made available
Practical Laboratory : Available
Clinical Pathology : Available
Histopathology : Available
Bactriology : Available
Microbiology : Available
Seats available : 50 seats
Number of microscopes with 1/3, 1/6  & 1/12 objectives : 25
List of equipment to be provided : The lists are enclosed
Museum :  
How are the specimens arranged : System-Wise
Number of catalogues of the specimens available to the students : One
Number of specimens : 09
Mounted : Nil
Unmounted : 09
Are the microscopic  sections of the specimens available for study to the student : Yes
If so, in the museum or in some other room – no thereof : In the museum (common)
List of exhibits other than the specimens &  their arrangement : Made available
Staff Rooms : Available common facilities

Teaching Programmed

Lectures As per time table demonstrations, seminars, lectures and tutorials are conducted  for I-BHMS 50 students every year.
Lecture Demonstrations :
No. of students per batch year wise: 25 students per batch of II-BHMS
By Whom Conducted : By three teachers as per time table enclosed
Tutorial/Seminars (Number of students in each group to be given) : 25 per batch
Time table of lectures, lecture demonstration – practical Seminars/tutorials may be given Classwise to be appended)
The time table is enclosed

Do the students maintain practical class note books. If so how often are these initialed and by whom


Yes, by the departmental staff every week
Teaching Material :  
Give the details of the work done in the department : As per the teaching progrmme & time table enclosed
Morbid Anatomy :  
Number of type of tissues received : Nil
Is the morbid anatomy material indexed; If so how : NA
Is the material as available from surgical pathology : and Autopsies adequate for class teaching or your have to ask for material from outside
Bacteriology :  
Number of specimens and the various test done Some details may be given regarding cultures, serology, sugar reactions etc. : 20 specimens per months Tests like VDRL, HIV, Blood urea, sr.bilirubin, sr.creatinine BSL, widal, BUL etc are done.
Clinical Pathology :  
Heamatological investigations RBC Number and types : CBC, HB, TC, DC, ESR, BL.Group BTCT etc are done
Stool – number – incidents of preparation positive to ova and amoeba : Routine test, saline & Iodine etc. are done
Urine :

Routine and microscopic, UPT, Biochemical test

Miscellaneous : HBs Ag, ASO & as above
Chemical Pathology :  
Number of specimens and the types of investigation may be given : 40 specimen per month Blood sugar, Blood urea, Sr. Bilirubin, Sr. Creatinine,  Sr. Cholesterol etc. are done
Microbiology :  
Give the details Number of specimen and various test 10 specimens per month & various test like grams, AFB c & s etc. are done

Give a list of the slides each student studies for the course. Are these slides prepared in the the department or imported, if so how many :

The list of slides is enclosed & slides are purchased from outside
Is a set of slides given to each student or the entire material is kept in the department The Entire material is kept in the department
In addition to the routine slides, are there any demonstration slides, if so give a list No
Equipment :  
A list of important items only may be given : The list is enclosed
Research Facilities (for P.G. courses only) : NA

List of publications by the members of the staf : during the last three years (many be attached)current topics on which work in going on

Departmental Library :
Is there a separate departmental library : Yes
Give a list of the book and the periodicals : There are 31 books in the departmental Library
No. of books in Pathology & Microbiology in the central Library : 138
No. of Journals : Nil

Whether relationship of Miasms and Pathological changes informed to students :

Facilities to Clinical Pathology in Teaching Hospital :
Is there a separate clinical pathology laboratory in the hospital ? If so is it a part of the college department or in dependent Yes, there is a separate clinical pathology lab. In  Hospital as a part of the college department
Does this clinical pathology laboratory enter to  the inpatients and/or out patients For both
Any M.O.U. signed for providing facilities to other P.G. Centers NA



Full time or Guest Faculty

Qualification with dates there of & where obtained

Experience (State period)

As teacher; state in what capacity

As examiner: state subject & name of examination


Professor Dr.M.M.Patil F. T. B.H.M.S (June 1996 ) Shivaji university Kolhapur
15 years 1 month Pathology (II-BHMS) MUHS
Head of dept.
Reader Dr. (Mrs.) R.S.Raibage F. T. B.H.M.S (Oct. 1989 ) Shivaji university Kolhapur
13 years 2 month Pathology (II-BHMS) MUHS
Lecturer Dr.C.S.Patil F. T. B.H.M.S (April 2002) Shivaji university Kolhapur
8 years 1 month Pathology (II-BHMS) MUHS
Any other Teaching Staff - - - - -