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Department of Homoeopathic Pharmacy

Name of Institution : E.B.Gadkari Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital,Gadhinglaj, Dist.Kolhapur .
Place : Post Box. No.10, Neora Campus, Sankeshwar Road, Gadhinglaj, Dist-Kolhapur, Maharashtra State, pin. 416 502.
Name of Affiliating University : Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik.
Name of the H.O.D. of Deptt. : Dr. (Mrs.) B.M. Dias
Curriculum Of Studies
Curriculum in the subject prescribed by the University (In view of C.C.H. Regulations) Yes, Curriculum in the subject as prescribed in the syllabus by the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik.
Is the above curriculum followed properly Yes
List Of The Homoeopathic Pharmacy Staff
A Technicians. : One
B Laboratory Assistants. : One
C Laboratory Attendants. : One
D Sweepers. : One
E Photographer, Artist, Museum, Curator etc. : Common
Accommodation Details
Lecture Theatre : Available
Number. : One (Common)
Accommodation in each. : 50 students approx
Practical Laboratory for Homoeopathic Pharmacy.
Accommodation : Available
Light & Ventilation. Available
Fixtures & Fittings (Smoking Room & Varnishing Room) : N.A.
Preparation room for the class room. : Available
Mother Tinctures. : Yes
Trituration. : Yes
Potentiasation of drugs (Deci, Cent. & 50 mille) : Yes
Microscopic study of trituration up-to 3x potency. : Yes
Museum : Available
How are the specimens arranged ? : Class-wise
Number of catalogues of the specimens available to the students. : One
Number of specimens. : List enclosed
Departmental Library : Available
Is there a separate Departmental Library : Yes
No. of, number of books and Journals. : 36
Book on Pharmacy / Pharmacopesia in Central Library. : 162

Teaching Programmed

Students :
Number attending lectures. : 50 students approx
Number in a batch in practical classes. : 25 students in a batch (Pharmacy) student teacher ratio in Practical classes.
Number in a batch in Tutorial Classes. : 50 students approx



Full time or Guest Faculty

Qualification with dates there of & where obtained

Experience (State period)

As teacher; state in what capacity

As examiner: state subject & name of examination


Professor Dr. (Mrs.) B.M.Dias F. T. B.H.M.S (April.1997) Shivaji university Kolhapur
13 years 1 month Pharmacy (I-BHMS) MUHS
Head of dept.
Reader - - -
- -
Lecturer Dr. (Miss.) V.K.Regade Dr.S.S.Chothe F. T. B.H.M.S (April 1999) Shivaji university Kolhapur B.H.M.S (Oct. 2000) Shivaji university Kolhapur
7 years 7 months 8 years 2 months Pharmacy (I-BHMS) MUHS
Any other Teaching Staff - - - - -